Play Ragdoll Soccer!

After several request here it is! The first playable Version of Ragdoll Soccer!

1331466624_arrow_down Mac Version

Mirror: https://mega.nz/

1331466624_arrow_down Windows64bit Version

Mirror: https://mega.nz/

1331466624_arrow_down Windows32bit Version (untested)

Mirror: https://mega.nz/

Please note, that this is far away from being a Game!

But still, if you like it, don’t hesitate to buy me a coffee with Paypal :) Every single Euro will went directly into the Ragdoll Soccer Project and and all expenses will get listed here


sorry for the bad paypal layout ;)

Current balance: 55€
16.02.2016 – Christopher W. – 1€
16.02.16 – Joseph R. – 2€
26.04.16 – Walter L. – 2€
26.04.16 – Toby T. – 50(!)€


  1. Antonio Lopez

    I LOVE physics games and sports games. It looks perfect.

  2. Jorge Dias

    Link Off

  3. Error 429 in Dropbox :(

  4. Humberto

    Link off :((((

  5. adriano

    Error (429)
    This account’s links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

  6. Kevin (Author)

    Sorry Guys! you killed dropbox :D i added a mega mirror. should work now :)

  7. giacomo

    dont run on my pc :(
    my configurations: amd 6300 , gtx 210 1 gb, ram 4 gb

    • Kevin (Author)

      well, that sucks. all i can say is that it works on other peoples pc. have you tried both windows versions?

  8. Matheus K

    not working here as well. Crash just after the “made with Unity” screen. Danm, i want to play it so badly

    • Kevin (Author)

      Windows10? Heard several times that there are problems with win10

  9. Matheus K

    No Kevin, its windows 7 home premium 64. Core i3, 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM.
    Already downloaded both version and no succes. Just deleted all files and tried again, downloaded the x64 version but still crashing just after the “made with Unity” scree. :’(

    • Kevin (Author)

      sorry dude, cant help you with that. i only got a mac and i asked several people and they told me its working on their machine. sorry

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