Super Footbrawl – Devblog #6.1

This time I will split the Devblog up into two Parts. If you don’t wanna know anything about “Footbrawl Playground” you should move on to this post which is focusing on Footbrawl

What do you do when you are in the middle of developing a Game and you realized that you need some money to continue development? Right, you do a Kickstarter! What do you do when you don’t believe in the concept of Kickstarter? this:

This is Footbrawl Playground! a Physics Playground.
As a backer of many failed Kickstarter games (and with failed i don’t mean failing to raise enough money) i know that feeling pretty well of spending money without getting anything back. I have plenty of shirts at home from Campings where they should rather invest the money for the game instead of shirts, statues or stickers and I don’t wanna do the same mistake. So I came up for the Idea of “Footbrawl Playground” which i will explain in detail later. Its actually just a Physics Playground where you can goof around with a Friend, spawn NPCS, Place Traps and some more stuff.
I will release this in mid August on for 5$ (but you can also pay more if you want ^^) on the bottom of this page is also a small FAQ about it but lets have a look at Footbrawl Playground now

The whole Playground will take place in a City. not GTA Size but big enogh to have some fun

and this city is quite alive!

There are several Traps that will lead to funny little accidents, like a Bouncer

or a Pinball Flipper

or a spinner

of course you can spawn as much NPCS as your Computer can handle

Or just Play alone to be the nicest Stuntman in the world

but my favorite trap is the up-bouncer:

and the boom button is also nice:

so you are able to place them all freely AND it has Local Multiplayer (Keyboard only for now):

You can also enter cars!

They where actually just planed to drive around in the City but then i realized that driving them yourself is also fun!

so play a round of car soccer like in this other car soccer Game… i forgot the name…

all controllable with a nice menu

In the end, it will somehow like this:

so time for a FAQ:

What do you need money for?
Unity Plugins, Font Licences, Software – So if this makes 1000$ I would be more than happy

Does it have Multiplayer?
Yes, Local only and for the release Version on 1 Keyboard (WASD & Arrow Keys)

Mac? Linux?
For the first release Version it will support Windows and Mac

Mid of August

I have a Youtube/Twitch Channel! Can i get a Copy?
Sure, I already got a Form for that to register:

How can i stay Informed about the Game?
well, the best is to sign up to our newsletter

or follow me on twitter:

or facebook

or visit our subreddit:


Thats it so far, Lets move on to the Second Part of this Devblog


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