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You’ve found one. My name’s Kevin, and I make Game Art; from sketch, to design to 3D, to concept and UI stuff, I do it all. And, right now, I’m looking for a job.

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The West

Concept, Interface, Art Direction, 3D Modeling, Map... everything.

Sometimes things need to be recreated but not reinvented. So that's what I did with The West (*Browsergame of the year 2008 and 2011). Redesigning every pixel of the game was one of my biggest projects so far.

Almost every graphic has been done by me. Including icons, interface elements, map graphics and town buildings. It was a lot of work and I'm pretty proud of The result and also learned a lot by doing this game.

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Bounty Hounds Online

Concept, Interface, Styleguide

I'm not only doing game stuff. I am also passionate about traditional Web Design cause this is where I come from.

The BHO Site was my first website I did after I switched to the game industry. So I tried to adopt everything I learned by making games and put it together in this website. That's why I build some of the elements in Cinema 4D. Just the have a more game specific look and feel.

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Concept, Styleguide, Main Interface, iOS App

If you see your stuff in a TV commercial is pretty awesome and when people ask me what I do in my job i just say "do you know grepolis from the TV? That's what I did". With over 16.000.000 registered players its the most successful Browsergame I've worked on.

My job was to create the main UI and preparing the styleguide for the rest of the interface. Also I've just finished my work fortThe mobile app of the game which will be released in next months.

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Secret Project

Interface Design, 3D Prototyping

At this point of my portfolio you will find a showcase of my current project. i will update it from time to time so you will find at least once a week a new part of the development process.

I cant tell you so much about this project at the moment because we just started one month ago with the development but if you click on the button below you will find some interesting pictures of my current work.

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Cube The Game

Concept, Design, Code,

Every nerd has an idea of his really own perfect Game. And when I thought about how my perfect game should look like, I came up with Cube - The Game! A mixture of Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Zelda and Diablo.

Cube is just a fun project for me so I work on that some hours a week. But you can see a small demo and more information about the game. here

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Concept, Character Modeling, Interface, Environment modeling,

I love GameJams! That's a fact. Creating a game in less than 72 hours is a pretty cool adventure and not good for people who needs a lot of sleep.

Battlefield is the result of one of These GameJams but sadly my developer get sick after 5 hours but I finished my part of the project and went home without a complete game but with a good feeling.

See more pictures of Battlefield Screenshot

Ice Rage

Concept, Interface, Character

This is another GameJam result but this time we just had 24 hours to finish everything so we decided to make an easy "Hit The Goal" game.

I think even if we had a hard deadline we create something that gives you some minutes of fun and that's the most important part of my work. Let the People forget they everyday Life and give them at least 5 Minutes of fun.

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Flash Ads, Flyer, Shirts, Merch

Ok, you already know that I'm totally into interface stuff and 3D modeling. Beside that I'm generally passionate about making cool graphics for every section.

What I mean is that I'm also doing all the Marketing related things like flashbanners, print advertisement, shirts and other merchandise so here is a small compilation of what I've done so far.

See some Flash Banners

See other Marketing Graphics Screenshot

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